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Heffy's Gallery Reedsport, OR | Never any paints, stains, or glass eyes! | Best wood carvings on the Oregon Coast.

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Heffy's Gallery - Woodcarving Sculptures

  • Realistic wildlife wood carvings.
  • Never any paints, stains, or glass eyes.
  • All natural materials for coloring.
  • Most pieces carved from a single piece of wood.
  • Can be commissioned for custom work.
  • Phone: (458) 247-9241

What Heffy Does To Create His Woodcarving Sculptures

Dan “Heffy” Heffron creates wood carvings that are almost lifelike. His attention to detail is second to none. He has taught himself over the past 40+ years and actually makes most of his tools himself. This allows him to produce the painstaking details that truly define his work. He does not use any paints, stains, or glass eyes with his work. The coloration he achieves is a real testament to his abilities.

Wood sculptures by Heffy are each unique, one-of-a-kind creations hand carved from a single piece of wood (unless stated otherwise), and often inspired by the aquatic wildlife found here on the Oregon central coast. He takes great pleasure in hunting for burls of driftwood washed up on the local beaches because that wood can arrive from anywhere in the world and he never knows what kind of wood he will find. He also takes pride in never staining any of the carvings he creates, instead polishing the colors out of them or burning them in with one of the nearly 300 specialized carving tools he has modified or created in his 40+ years as an artist.

Purchase some of Heffy's art at these fine galleries and shops

Mindpower Gallery

Mindpower Gallery
Reedsport, OR
Visit their facebook page
Waterlily Studio

Waterlily Studio
Bay Street, Florence, OR

What is burl wood?

This website highlights many of Heffy's skills and talents. It is mostly photographic content enabling the visitors to magnify the images of specific pieces to view the terrific detail that he puts into his work. If you enjoy what you see, please feel free to share this site on your social media pages. Heffy displays and sells his work at various locations, but most his work is on display at the mentioned shops and galleries. He can also be commissioned to create custom, specific pieces of the greatest detail.

If you're on the Oregon Coast and you want see my carvings,
the majority of my carvings are at Mindpower Gallery 417 Fir Ave (Hwy 38) Reedsport, OR 97467
(541) 271-2485
I also have some of my work at His & Hers Shoppe in Depot Bay and Waterlily Studio on Bay Street in Florence.

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Large Pieces woodcarvingLarge Pieces
Mouse Blackberry woodcarvingMouse and Blackberry
Birds of Prey woodcarvingBirds of Prey
Sea Lions woodcarvingSea Lions and Seals
Turtles woodcarvingTurtles

Starfish woodcarvingStarfish
Octopus woodcarvingOctopus
Sea Creatures woodcarvingSea Creatures
Other Birds woodcarvingOther Birds
Other Animals woodcarvingOther Animals
Fish and Whales woodcarvingFish and Whales

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